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After Dinner (Batch #2)

Batch #2 will be delivered starting the first week of October.

NOTE: Due to demand (thanks, Style Blueprint!) we've SOLD OUT of Batch #2. Thanks for your support! Fret not, for we are now offering Batch #3, to ship in November full of local "Comfort Food."

Our team has been busy hand selecting products for our next Batch - "After Dinner" - from the best Nashville purveyors. 

Each month you'll get your money's worth. Batches are full of items that retail equal to or more than what you’ll pay as a subscriber. Our commitment to you is delivering delight and discovery of the highest value.

You can also order a seasonal subscription for an even better value (receive Batches in October, November, and December). Each monthly Batch is organized around a common theme and arrives to subscribers the first week of each month.

More highlights:

  • Free shipping for seasonal Tennessee subscribers (small surcharge for out-of-state recipients and Tennessee monthly subscribers)
  • Ordering a seasonal Batch means you'll save money and guarantees three months of the best handmade, handcrafted goods in and around Nashville
  • A seasonal subscription includes October (After Dinner), November (Comfort Food), and December (Batch, Please - this will feature recommendations from notable Nashvillians)
  • Every Batch includes a story about that month's contents so you get to know who made the awesome stuff you're enjoying and where to find more
  • Note: Batches may contain nuts and other allergens

(Above price excludes any applicable state or local taxes.)

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