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A Towel's Worth of Gratitude

The final ingredient for our recent Comfort Food Batch was our first in-house creation. And judging by the positive response (thanks, y'all!), we'll continue to offer one exclusive product in each monthly Batch we send. (Be on the lookout for something quite festive next week.)

To kick off our new monthly tradition, we took our Thanks Y'all artwork and had it printed on a hand towel (made in the U.S.A.). This accessory completes any kitchen, whether it hangs off your oven handle, protects table tops from warm casseroles, or cleans up spilled (local) milk.

These towels were printed in the heart of East Nashville by Life and Limb Printing Company. Each was screened by hand and treated with the utmost care before they made their way to you.

And now, you can get your very own, just in case you missed it in last month's Batch. In fact, get a set of three to spread some holiday cheer this week and on through December.

Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson


Sam Davidson is the CEO and co-founder of Batch. He writes here about company news and updates, as well as the latest things he's discovering in Batch's cities and beyond.