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Meet the Purveyors: Scrumptious

She had us at bacon.

In her email to us that served as a hearty introduction, Judy Beaudin, of Scrumptious, let us know that she made some very delightful and oh-so-memorable bacon chocolate chunk cookies. 

And of course, when we heard that, we simply had to try them.

Once we did, we couldn't wait to try and fit them in a Batch. As it turned out, these bacon cookies were a nice teammate for the other items in our After Dinner Batch that shipped earlier this month. 

But, Judy and Scrumptious don't only make bacon cookies. Her knack for presentation and a commitment to quality ingredients also means that her whoopie pies, cakes, breads, and other treats are equally as memorable.

Better yet, Scrumptious doesn't just bring the food; it also brings the party. Offering catering services for any size gathering, you'll have an event friends and family remember for a very long time.

Just like bacon cookies. 

Check out Scrumptious online.

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Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson


Sam Davidson is the CEO and co-founder of Batch. He writes here about company news and updates, as well as the latest things he's discovering in Batch's cities and beyond.