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Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #5 - Sugar & Spice Gift Batch

Some like it hot (like us). So, we've found the spiciest and sauciest Nashville items that will really help you heat things up with your Valentine. (Provided that they're into that sort of thing. And by "that sort of thing" we mean they're down with big numbers on the Scoville scale.)

Gift Idea #5: Sugar & Spice Gift Batch

Here it is - the lineup of the hottest things this side of the Cumberland:

Sugar and Spice | Nashville spicy gift batch

  • Olive and Sinclair Cinnamon Chili Chocolate Bar (2.75 oz.)
  • Delta Cheese Straws - Hot (6 oz.)
  • Music City Sauce - Sweet Heat (100ml)
  • Nashville Heat Sweet Smoke Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Coop's Hot Chicken Paste (8 oz.)

Need we say more? No? Ok.

As always, gift batches ship for free, or you can pick one up (and add even more hot things) at our retail store, open every day of the week inside the Nashville Farmers Market.

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Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson


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