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December 12, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Southern Fried Design Barn

When it came time to think of the holidays, we thought of gift giving. And of course, when you give someone a fabulous gift, it needs a fabulous tag (or else no one knows where it came from and we can't have Santa getting all the credit).

That's why we were delighted to include some very Southern gift tags from Southern Fried Design Barn.

In our December Batch, we included a set of 10 tags from designer Amy Kinslow, who combines her own photography of landscapes and Tennessee scenes with familiar southern phrases. (For example, Henry the horse has been a part of Amy’s family for nearly 20 years.)

Amy's love for design is only rivaled by her love for the country—especially in and around middle Tennessee. She’s combined the two at Southern Fried Design Barn, creating items like notepads, greeting cards, and gift tags that have tried and true southern sayings.

Check out more at the Southern Fried Design Barn website.

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December 11, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Sweets Ndulgence

Cookies. We want cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

And if they can taste like peppermint, make your taste buds do flips, and have you wanting more, all the better. 

And that's why these white and dark chocolate iced, peppermint drizzled cookies from Sweets NDulgence were a great addition to our December Batch. 

Nancy Overton turned her passion into her profession and now uses her skills to make homemade cookies. Creative flavor combinations and quality ingredients combine to make cookies you'll never forget.

These white and dark chocolate beauties may be your new favorite Christmas confection. Or year-round confection. We won't judge.

Check out Sweets NDulgence online.

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December 10, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Prohibition Popcorn

If the cold holiday months make you think of popcorn, then what we picked our for our December Batch will blow your mind.

Prohibition Popcorn puts a clever spin on a holiday staple by infusing popcorn with a touch of whiskey. That twist, combined with great packaging, make Prohibition Popcorn something you'll crave all year long. 

So it's a good thing you can get some here.

Not even the elves themselves could dream of a creation so wonderful (but we're thankful that Melanie Overby did). A handful (or several handfuls) of this popcornucopia is the best way to end a day of holiday revelry (it’s also a great way to start such a day).

Check out Prohibition Popcorn online.

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December 09, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: LTR Pottery

Nothing says "Santa's Got a Brand New Batch" like an ornament, right? Especially a handmade one?

That's why we turned to Larry and Tracey Rogers, of LTR Pottery, to produce a memorable keepsake that would look great on your Christmas tree, bonsai tree, or family tree (as in, you could give it to someone who misses you out of state).

What began as an anniversary present has now blossomed into a full-time hobby and part-time pursuit for Larry and Tracey Rogers. This outline of our home state was just the thing our December Batch needed!  

Be sure to check out LTR Pottery online for more images and ordering information for their handmade bowls, vases, ornaments, and other creations. Handmade in Kingston Springs, LTR Pottery creates elegant pieces that will stay in your family for years.

November 26, 2013

A Towel's Worth of Gratitude

The final ingredient for our recent Comfort Food Batch was our first in-house creation. And judging by the positive response (thanks, y'all!), we'll continue to offer one exclusive product in each monthly Batch we send. (Be on the lookout for something quite festive next week.)

To kick off our new monthly tradition, we took our Thanks Y'all artwork and had it printed on a hand towel (made in the U.S.A.). This accessory completes any kitchen, whether it hangs off your oven handle, protects table tops from warm casseroles, or cleans up spilled (local) milk.

These towels were printed in the heart of East Nashville by Life and Limb Printing Company. Each was screened by hand and treated with the utmost care before they made their way to you.

And now, you can get your very own, just in case you missed it in last month's Batch. In fact, get a set of three to spread some holiday cheer this week and on through December.

November 21, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Southern Delights by Oakley

People often ask us how we find such great things to send to subscribers each month. We wish we could say we have access to some secret underworld lair of makers and bakers, but truthfully, most of them email us. 

And that was the case with Lee Oakley, who has mastered the art of the pickle (if we say so ourselves) under her brand Southern Delights by Oakley.

Can a pickle capture a particular place and time? Lee Oakley believes each jar of her southern 14-day pickles captures a story from her childhood, her life as a mom, and now, her life as an entrepreneur. Using her mother’s recipe, she and her family now bottle their unique blend of spices so you can enjoy them around your dinner table, in your lunchbox, or over the kitchen sink (how you eat them is entirely up to you).

The lucky recipients of our recent "Comfort Food" Batch now know that these pickles compliment any family dinner, holiday brunch or late night craving. A blend of spices means each pickle is infused with flavor and makes your sandwich, stuffing or spread stand out. But, honestly, they are good enough to eat alone.

So, if we've got your mouth watering, just click here to indulge your sweet tooth (and your spicy tooth) and get some of Southern Delights by Oakley's pickles for yourself.

November 20, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Gracey's Gourmet Cookies

When you think of comfort and food, your mind may immediately wander to thoughts of cookies. (Truth be told, our mind wanders there quite often, regardless of mental prompts.)

And that's why - when we were planning our recent "Comfort Food" Batch - we had to have some cookies. And if we could find some that complement the season, even better.

Enter: Gracey's Gourmet Cookies.

What do you get when you take delicious family recipes and combine them with seasonal spices? If you’re Brigitte Hohman, you get Gracey’s. Named after her grandmother and baked with love, all of her confections will delight your taste buds. If you’re looking for something homemade (but don’t want to make it in your home), Gracey’s has you covered.

Light and fluffy with just the right amount of spices, we bet you can't eat just one (but no one ate more than 12, because that was all we sent).

Visit the Gracey's website to get your holiday needs met.

November 19, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Faye's Cake Pops

Cake on a stick? Fashioned into a ball? Pristinely decorated? 

Yes to all of the above.

And yes to everything that Faye's Cake Pops creates. 

What began as a hobby blossomed into full-time work, especially after Kristy Barkley’s fourth child arrived. Made from scratch with a personal touch, these artfully-designed pops will get everyone at your office, birthday party, wedding, or fantasy-football draft talking (and coming back for more).

And that's why we were excited to include them in our recent "Comfort Food" shipment. Nothing is more comforting than cake, and if you can take the cake with you, even better. Faye's Cake Pops cranks out high quality conversation piece desserts in a variety of flavors and shapes.

Yes. Shapes.

Learn more about Faye's Cake Pops online.

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November 18, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Soberdough

Pour. Stir. Bake. There are no simpler directions when it comes to making a loaf of bread. 

And that's why we were super excited to meet Veronica and Soberdough, her well-branded creation of beer bread mix. When we found this mix at a local market earlier this year, we couldn't wait to share it with you. And we're glad we did. 

How easy is it to make this bread? Lets' say you've just come home from a long day. Your routine may be to crack open a cold one (we've been there). With Soberdough, you can pour that (local) beer into the mix and baking becomes as easy as opening your favorite brew. You’ll have a tasty loaf of bread and five beers leftover, the ingredients for a great night.

The phrase “Just Add Beer” usually appears on Spring Break shirts, but when you open a bag of Soberdough, it’s the only instructions you’ll need. The mother-and-son team (Veronica and Jordan) combined their respective passions (baking and craft beer) and came up with a handful of flavors perfect for any meal.

In fact, check out all the flavors available here.

Or follow Soberdough on Twitter.

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November 17, 2013

Get Thee to the Flea

If you're in or around Nashville the first weekend in December (and why wouldn't you be?), then your first order of business should be to check out Porter Flea Holiday.

Nashville's third annual modern holiday market travels to Chestnut Hill on Saturday, December 7th, from 10am-6pm at the Track One Building (4th and Chestnut), 1211 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210. Featuring the area's largest selection of affordable, one-of-a-kind goods from the most talented artisans, Porter Flea Holiday 2013 boasts its biggest and most diverse lineup ever, including over 30 new and local designers.

You also may recognize some tasty food purveyors that will be there. Some of these delicious items have already shown up at your doorstep; now's your chance to go and get more.

In all, Porter Flea Holiday 2013 will showcase over 85 of the region’s best designers of modern handmade apparel and accessories, home goods, furniture, jewelry, children's gifts and toys, and paper goods to satisfy all types of holiday shopping lists. Check 'em all out right here

Don't miss the opportunity to see them all -- and to enjoy complimentary local craft beer from Jackalope Brewing Co while enjoying first crack at the season's hottest handmade gifts -- at the first-ever exclusive Preview Market on Friday, December 6th from 6-9pm. Tickets can be purchased here for this exclusive, 21+ event. And come hungry! The Grilled Cheeserie will be parked outside all night selling their legendary sandwiches and Grimey's will provide the tunes while you shop! 

So if you can get out that weekend, go. And if you're stuck inside, turn off Twitter because it's all anyone will be talking about.