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July 26, 2019

Test Your Nashville Knowledge

We hear a lot of stats and stories about Nashville's current boom, but how well do you know the facts? Here's a quick true/false quiz to see if you've been paying attention to the changes in Music City.

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    July 18, 2019

    "All Things Tomato" Night Market

    Join us Friday night July 19 from 5pm-9pm for the "All Things Tomato" Night Market  at the Nashville Farmers' Market featuring tomato samples, tomato cocktails, food trucks, and tasty charcuterie served with smoky tomato jam.

    Join us Friday night for the "All Things Tomato" Night Market  at the Nashville Farmers' Market featuring tomato samples, tomato cocktails, food trucks, and tasty charcuterie served with smoky tomato jam.

    July 17, 2019

    Vote Like You Mean It

    Early voting in the Metropolitan General Election has begun and locations for early voting expand on Friday (pdf) so it’s finally time to get informed and vote like you mean it. Statistically, only one in five voters show up and vote, we hope that this roundup of races and candidates will get more folks the polls. 

    I voted sticker

    Finally, if you want to see what the elected council members do once they are elected, watch the recent seven-hour meeting from July 2nd and ask yourself what these candidates are thinking.

    Remember, election day is August 1st—make sure you know where to vote.
    July 10, 2019

    Tour Olive and Sinclair in East Nashville

    See how Nashville's only bean-to-bar chocolate is handmade with a tour of Olive and Sinclair. Available Saturdays from 10AM-5PM, the tours last about 30-40 mouth-watering minutes and cost $5 (samples are included). View full article →
    July 10, 2019

    Southern Summer Reading List

    Explore the South from variety of perspectives—natural, personal, irreverent, weird—with our curated selection of summer reads.

    Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss

    In Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss, Margaret Renkl weaves the experience of loss and with an appreciation of nature's renewal and insensitivity to the inevitable. Listen to her interview on WPLN where she also expresses an appreciation for OxyClean and other inheritances.

    Spying on the South

    Tony Horwitz's final book reports on the residents of small Southern towns bubbling with divisions. He doesn't try to analyze the folks he meets. Rather, he shares his experiences with “the three-dimensional individuals I drank and debated with in factory towns, Gulf Coast oil fields and distressed rural crossroads.” After publication, he unexpectedly passed away and his obituary highlights his respected career.

    I Miss You When I Blink

    The essays in I Miss You When I Blink are full of spot-on observations about home, work, and creative life from acclaimed essayist (and bookseller at Parnassus) Mary Laura Philpott. She takes on the conflicting pressures of modern adulthood with wit and heart. For delightful distractions featuring dogs, deers, and books, follow her on Instagram.

    Southern Lady Code

    In her book Southern Lady Code, author Helen Ellis dishes on the sugar, the spice, and the not-so-always-nice of being a Southern woman. She explains Southern sayings including "'Bless your heart,' which could mean 'Thank you for this funeral casserole,' or it might be the last thing you hear before someone pushes you out of a moving car."

    South Toward Home

    South Toward Home, with a foreword by Jon Meacham, is Julia Reed’s attempt to provide a view of the South in all its complicated, sometimes embarrassing glory. Find out more about her love of the South and its rich characters in this Q & A.

    June 25, 2019

    Summer Recommendations from Subscription Box Purveyors

    We asked the purveyors featured in June's Batch Nashville Subscription Box what they enjoy about summer in Nashville.

    Nerissa Nicole of Mimi Jo's

    Nerissa Nicole

    One of my favorite things about Nashville is just the unique vibe of the city. Having been born and raised here in the area near Edgehill which is now the Gulch I like to pride myself as a “native tourist”. Things have changed so much but still one thing that remains the same is the delicious food, parks, “people watching” and taking in a stroll through downtown or our greenways. I enjoy grabbing Nashville’s Hot Chicken preferably from Hattie B’s and then going across town to the Cupcake Collection to grab my favorite sweet potato cupcake while taking in  a nice day at the Parthenon. My mother would take me to the Centennial park as a child to feed the ducks. Also, I absolutely LOVE the local farmer’s markets that’s where I got my first start with Mimi Jo’s Fruit Tea and I frequent those to see the new vendors and offer my support by shopping local. Nashville is full of so many beautiful places, cute and trendy shops. The variety of what Nashville has to offer is amazing…last but not least taking in a nice outdoor jazz festival is so relaxing.

    Autumn Grant of The Kind Poppy

    Autumn Grant of The Kind Poppy

    My favorite thing about Nashville summer's are the outdoor festivals and concerts. It's so fun to watch the sunset at Ascend (with a drink in hand) listening to your favorite band.

    Josh Davis of Farm & Food

    Gillie Chester's Nashville Hot

    Summer is actually my favorite season of the year! Everything that Middle Tennessee has to offer outdoors becomes available. All of the pools, lakes, rivers, dog parks, sidewalks and patios fill up and everyone is out walking around and enjoying the sun. Nashvillians are known to be fickle weather creatures so when the sun is out so are all of its inhabitants!

    Michele Harbin of Harbin Hollow

    Harbin Hollow

    In my current season of life, as a mom of two young kids, (Lylah Jane 5, and Cooper 2), I love family picnics in the park, particularly Dragon Park, and festivals. Most recently, the hubs and I indulged at the Taste of Music City. :)

    June 21, 2019

    The Peach Truck Cookbook

    The Peach Truck Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for All Things Peach

    When Stephen and Jessica Rose settled in Nashville, they fell in love with their new city. Their only reservation: Where were the luscious peaches that Stephen remembered from his childhood in Georgia? Amid Nashville’s burgeoning food scene, the couple partnered with his hometown peach orchard to bring just-off-the-tree Georgia peaches to their adopted city, selling them out of the back of their 1964 Jeep Gladiator in Nashville’s farmer’s markets. Since starting their company in 2012, Stephen and Jessica have attracted a quarter of a million followers on social media and have delivered more than 4.5 million peaches to tens of thousands of customers in 48 states. With The Peach Truck Cookbook, (pre-order now!) the couple brings the lusciousness of the Georgia peach and the savory and sweet charms of Southern cooking, as well as the story behind their success and an insider’s guide to the Nashville food scene.

    June 14, 2019

    The Winning Formula for You Are So Nashville If... contest

    Submissions are open through June 27th for the Scene's Annual 'You Are So Nashville If ...' As a service for Weekly What readers, we analyzed the 30 past winners and have come up with the winning formula for YASNI entries.

    You are so Nashville if...

    Winning topics:

    • Country music (5 winners)
    • Local celebrities (4 winners)
    • Crime (4 winners)
    • Gay (4 winners)
    • Acronym wordplay (3 winners)
    • Growth/Development (3 winners)
    • Southern-fried ignorance (3 winners)
    • Mayoral romantic scandals (2 winners)
    • Local landmark (2 winners)
    • Religious sanctimony (2 winners)
    • Neighborhoods (2 winners)

    With those results in mind, here’s our suggested formula for a winner:

    • Local landmark + country musician + crime + new development
    • Mayoral election + acronym + neighborhood + southern-fried ignorance + gay
    • Country music song + overcrowded city + religious sactimony

    Also consider adding these hot topics in your entry: Scooters, Old Town Road, Cherry trees, high rise apartments, Cade Cothren, NFL Draft

    June 07, 2019

    The Batch Starter Story

    Starter Story interviewed Batch co-founder Sam Davidson to learn about the story behind Batch. In this interview, Sam tells how Batch got started, how Batch has grown, and how the business runs today.

    There are many more inspiring stories that provide specific advice and insight into starting a business at Starter Story. Check out the interview with Zack Fleishman—his company is Shark Wheel, and they literally reinvented the wheel.

    June 05, 2019

    Shop Fresh & Local - Farmers Markets in Nashville

    Fresh and local, farmers markets are in season. Nashville has a bumper crop of farmers markets all over town. They are a great destination for getting the tasty produce and buying from farmers means you get to know the people growing your food. Here’s a list of a few in Davidson county and a review from a happy visitor.

    12 South Farmers Market

    Nashville Farmers’ Market - Open every day with really busy weekends

    “We went to the Farmers Market last weekend and again this weekend! We LOVE it!! Produce is wonderful and just like everyone else in this beautiful state, people are so friendly and helpful! Food court is good and even heard some live music while eating. Love the market and will be back as often as possible!!”

    East Nashville Farmers Market - Tuesdays 3:30PM  – 6:30PM

    Great atmosphere! Great options---fruits, veggies, fresh flowers, jams, jellies, nuts, etc. And a great playground for the children. I loved it!

    12 South Farmers Market - Tuesdays 4PM – 7PM

    “12 South offers such a great variety of meats, produce and dairy farmers, along with beautiful artisan products as well! I love the live music, family atmosphere and all-around fun for everyone!”

    Amqui Station Farmers Market - Sundays 11AM – 2PM  

    “Our family loves going to the Farmers Market at Amqui Station. There's always an excellent selection of fruits and veggies at reasonable prices!”

    Farmin in the Hall - Thursdays 4:30 PM to 7 PM

    “This market is very family-oriented with a friendly, local atmosphere. Excellent live music, food trucks, and local vendors and artisans.”

    Goodlettsville Farmers Market - Thursday 3PM – 7PM

    “Lots of healthy, clean food here. Beautiful setting.”

    Hip Donelson Farmers Market - Fridays 4PM – 7PM

    “The Hip Donelson Farmers Market is TREWLY a special place. It is the epicenter of a vibrant, loving, kind, compassionate area of Nashville. Every single person that works so hard to make Hip D the wonderful place it is should be so proud at what they have built!”

    Vanderbilt Farmer’s Market - Thursdays 1:30PM – 5PM

    The market is located on the medical center plaza outside Langford Auditorium.

    Richland Park Farmers Market - Saturdays 9 AM – 12:30 PM

    “It was a great mix of vendors & very relaxing atmosphere. Dogs allowed which is always a plus in my book. Picked up treats for my furbabies.”