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October 17, 2013

215 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

At Batch, we've been known to send you a thing or two in that most iconic of containers: the Mason Jar. And while you can certainly wash and reuse as a cup, food container, or Southern-chic moonshine glass, we did some digging and found a few other ways to creatively reuse old Mason Jars.

(And, we can't say too much, but November's Batch will include something in a Mason Jar, too.)

(And speaking of November, you have until tomorrow - Friday, October 18 - to make sure you're in on that shipment!)

The most popular way to reuse Mason Jars seems to be to collect supplies or hold lots of small things. The best we've seen in this bucket are these very simple jars holding your kids' craft supplies:

Click here for 49 more ideas for reusing your Mason Jars.

Need 8 more ideas for what Mason Jars can hold? Click here to get the skinny on bathroom supplies, stationery, and hardware.

Now let's get artistic. This post has 10 ways to use Mason Jars, including using one as a lantern or even - wait for it - a photo frame.

Want 47 more ideas? Of course you do. Click here to get to a slide show with a bevy of ideas, including our favorite (given the season) of crafting some Halloween luminaries.

And in the reuse post to end all posts, here are yet 100 more ideas for repurposing Mason Jars. From painting the jars to creating an advent calendar, take a look at each idea. We're really craving any of the recipes listed and can't resist reposting this clever idea:

What about you? How do you reuse old Mason Jars?

October 03, 2013

Now Arriving on Dorm Doorsteps

One of the most popular requests we've gotten since Batch began is something akin to:

I really love the products in my Batch, but my son/daughter can't use pancake mix/a candle/coffee beans at college. Any chance I can send them a Batch of locally-made products that are ready to eat?

Today we say, "Yes!"

Replace the Ramen is Batch's newest offering. Each month, we'll send your favorite college student(s) a Batch of four locally-made goods that will quickly make them the most popular kid at school (for all the right reasons). 

Each Replace the Ramen Batch has:

  • Freshly baked cookies (made the same day we ship their Batch)
  • Another sweet item for a sometimes-needed sugar rush
  • Two better-for-you items so you can feel good that they're not binging on chips and chocolate milk all the time

Best of all, each Batch ships at the beginning of the month so your student will get his or her Batch around the same time you get yours, although the items will vary.

Replace the Ramen can ship to any campus or apartment complex in the U.S., so be sure to order today to send the November Replace the Ramen Batch in just a few weeks. When it ships, you'll also get an email telling you what they got. We're quite sure they'll be texting you to "send more food, plz."

September 27, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: TruBee Honey

When we were looking for the perfect addition to our Rise & Shine Batch, we wanted something that could go with a lot of things. When we found TruBee, we lucked out and got something that went with everything.

TruBee is helmed by Laura Kimball and her husband Jeff. It's possible that every jar of TruBee tastes a little different (but always delicious) because their bees can fly up to three miles from the hive. And, based on temperature, rainfall, and even sunshine, TruBee's pure honey is flavorful and as they Kimballs say, "captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time."

When you try TruBee, you'll find it goes great with a lot of foods. We've had it on oatmeal, pancakes, toast, and tea. Try it in a marinade or with some fruit. Just eat it by itself, if you want (we won't tell).

Buy TruBee Honey online.

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September 22, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Haulin' Oats

Some may say that no breakfast is complete without a side of oatmeal. We'd say no breakfast can begin without a hearty main course of Haulin' Oats oatmeal. Because when you opt for a jar of this good stuff, you're in for a treat.

As part of our Rise & Shine Batch, we were delighted to find Haulin' Oats and try some of the delicious stuff they put in a jar. Their clever name (that's what Tracey Levine and Cindy Muscarello do, after all - haul oats) is topped only by their clever flavors: Cinnamon Girl, Date in the Life, Chai a Little Tenderness, and Lavender Blue.

When you get a jar of their oatmeal, you'll be getting a full (or double) serving of some high quality ingredients. And because Tracey and Cindy believe you can have a decent breakfast on the go, say goodbye to the drive thru and hello to their helpful mason jars. Add some hot water, stir and enjoy at your desk, in the passenger seat, or on a unicycle (qualified professionals only).

Learn more about Haulin' Oats on their website.

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September 17, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Garage Coffee Company

Our inaugural Rise & Shine Batch wouldn't help you rise and shine without some strong coffee beans? We tasted what we were looking for at Garage Coffee Company in Marathon Village.

Garage is driven by Robert Camardo, who hails from New Jersey. His fascinating and family-fueled tale of how he arrived in Nashville is worth hearing and we're glad he and his beans are here. At Garage Coffee Company, you'll notice a roadster theme, but the staff there knows its way around a roaster, too.

Making potent espresso drinks and brewing a mean cup of Road Rage (that's the coffee blend), you'll get what you need to start your morning at Garage. If you need to throttle it back, the Anger Management decaf option may be more your speed.

As you're tooling around town, head on over to Garage and grab a drink. Say, "Hi," to Robert and his fine coffee mechanics, take in the motorcycle-influenced decor, and hit the road (wind in the hair optional).

Check out Garage Coffee Company online.

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September 12, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: My Friend Who Loves to Cook

After we lined up some fantastic bread from Dozen, we were hungry (get it?) to add something as equally savory and special. Good thing a lot of people told us about Sam Williams' pancakes.

It all began at Sam's breakfast table one Sunday morning. Her husband wanted to begin a family tradition (Sam has two sons) of making pancakes. But Sam knew there had to be something more to pancakes than opening a box and adding water, right?

Right. Sam found the answer as she began milling grains. Her family loved it so she started sharing with friends. And those people loved it and shared it with their friends. And as we say at Batch, sharing is caring. The rest is 9-grain history.

In her certified domestic kitchen, Sam mills nine whole grains and blends them to create a hearty breakfast centerpiece. Don't let the name fool you, Sunday Morning Pancake Mix tastes great every day of the week.

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September 09, 2013

Meet the Purveyors: Dozen Bakery

As each Batch arrives on doorsteps and you fine folks discover the goodness that awaits inside, we'll share the stories of the great people making, baking, and crafting each month's contents.

Today we profile the very first purveyor who said "Yes!" to the crazy idea of Batch: Claire Meneely, owner of Dozen Bakery.

Batch members got a chance to taste Dozen's fantastic strawberry bread in our Rise & Shine Batch, but, of course, there's a lot more where that came from. What began as a holiday cookie pop-up shop is now a thriving business (set to open its first brick and mortar retail shop very soon). From cookies to breads, and scones to brownies, Dozen's ability to bake something special is worth seeking out. 

Claire found her way back to her hometown of Nashville after spending time in Paris and San Francisco. What she learned there influences what she makes here. When you take that knowledge and passion and combine it with quality local and organic ingredients, then you come up with something that you'll skip dinner for.

Check out Dozen's website.

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September 05, 2013

We are in Style (Blueprint)

A big, huge thanks to the kind people at Style Blueprint for talking about us today.

In fact, if that's how you've found your way here, thanks to you, too!

Here's some nice things they said about us:

September marked the first month that Batch Nashville delivered to customers, and this past Tuesday I was delighted by the 5 products, all with a breakfast theme, that were in my shipment. I have to say, though, that the 6th delight was seeing my kids so enthralled by this whole concept, so thank you, Batch Nashville, for letting me have one of those moments that I’m searching for these days.
So, you are now dying to know how to become a member, right, because this sounds so awesome! First of all, spaces are limited and this is completely affordable, so do order quickly; this perfect equation of affordability + limited supply means memberships will go fast! Signing up for three months’ worth of deliveries is just $75. That’s just $25 a month. Each month promises to deliver products that will delight. If you just want to try October, a one month delivery is $30. The theme for October is “After Dinner,” and I’m way too excited, as I’m really hoping for dessert.

Read the full article here.

August 22, 2013

August 20, 2013

20 Days, 20 States

And just like that, Batch #1 is a wrap.

Our Rise-N-Shine Batch will be on its way to 20 states in just two short weeks. Our five - yes, five! - purveyors are excited to be a part of our inaugural Batch and you'll be learning a lot more about them very soon.

As you'll notice, Batch #2 is up and ready to order. Not only can you order the October "After Dinner" Batch, you can also sign you or a friend up for another seasonal subscription (October, November, December). If you already signed up for a season with Batch #1, don't sweat. We'll remind you when it's time to re-up your subscription for three more months.

When we began this journey a few months ago, we weren't entirely sure how long it might last. While dreaming about the concept, we got great verbal feedback from friends, family, and colleagues, but we knew that the true test would come when it was time for people to put their money where they mouth was and actually subscribe.

And as we've mentioned, we were blown away by your support for all things local.

So today, we're announcing that Batch is here to stay. We're no longer in "beta" as they say in the high(er)-tech world. From now on, anyone can sign up for any Batch on a monthly or seasonal (three-month) basis. 

What's also cooler, is that we've begun dreaming even bigger, thanks to you. Over the next few weeks we'll be offering our first gift set, full of locally-made products. This allows you to send a thoughtful and unique gift to someone you care about (while also knowing ahead of time what you're sending). 

And the dreams won't stop there. Thanks for letting us think big.