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February 09, 2019

Where'd That Go? #0003 - Nashville Kats

Back before Nashvillians could feast on mediocre NFL football, locals had a steady diet of Arena League football in the form of the Nashville Kats.

Nashville Kats | Nashville Arena League Football History

The long version of the Nashville Kats history is here, but here are the highlights (we cut things down because if you love arena football, it means you can't handle the full version of anything):

  • The Nashville Kats started in 1997, but then moved to Atlanta in 2001. (That franchise folded in 2012.)
  • The Kats were reborn in 2005, with Tim McGraw as a minority investor. We guess he liked it, he loved it, he wanted some more of it.
  • That team folded in 2007. Bud Adams (the majority owner who was also the Titans owner) decided (we think) people really don't want to watch football 12 months a year.

The Arena League itself has been afraid of success it seems, stopping and starting a few times. They cancelled their 2009 season, and now there are only 5 teams. We're not saying that's the Kats' fault, so we'll just chalk that one up as one of life's unanswerable mysteries, like religion, how GDP works, and why people love pedal taverns so much. 


As of last summer, rumors ran wild that arena football could return to Nashville once again. Why? Because pretty much any business will give it a shot in this town nowadays (mobile hot tub, anyone?). 

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February 08, 2019

February 08, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #1 - I Love You Berry Much Gift Batch

Here we are - less than a week out and at the end of our Top 10 Nashville Valentine's Gift Ideas. 

So why not end the list, the week, and these holiday suggestions with something that's a little punny? 

This simple gift packs a big sentiment, telling the recipient that you love them "berry" much. (Which is hopefully the sentiment you're going for.)

Gift Idea #1: I Love You Berry Much Gift Batch

I Love You Berry Much | Chocolate Valentine's Gift Set

In addition to this fruit-inspired chocolate bar, we've added a candle from our pals at Paddywax so something hot can stick around long after the chocolate bar is eaten in one sitting.

Grab yours today - we'll make sure it ships for free in time for a Valentine's arrival. Or run into our retail store and they'll put one together for you on the spot to take home.

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February 07, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #2 - Rise & Shine Nashville Gift Batch

Some modern advice: "When it doubt, go with what's popular."

So, yes, mom, if all my friends are doing something, I'll do it to - especially if it's giving a much-loved and homerun of a gift idea.

Case in point: our Rise & Shine Nashville Gift Batch. Year after year, this gift is at the top of our Most Given list since it packs such a powerful breakfast punch. 

Gift Idea #2: Rise & Shine Nashville Gift Batch

Nashville Breakfast Gift Batch | Rise and Shine Batch

Seriously - this gift (especially the deluxe version) has it all:

  • My Friend Who Loves to Cook Sunday Morning Pancake Mix (1 lb.)
  • Batch Blend Bongo Java Local Coffee (12 oz.)
  • Nashville Skyline Mug
  • TruBee Raw Honey (5 oz.)
  • Southern Belle Biscuit Mix (makes 8-12 biscuits)
  • Nashville Jam Co. Strawberry Jam (10.5 oz.)
  • Loveless Cafe Maple Syrup (12 oz.)
  • Batch Good Morning Towel

Best of all, we donate the equivalent of 20 meals towards our partners at Second Harvest Food Bank. Win win.

As always, our gift batches ship for free and can include a handwritten note. Grab one today, or visit our retail store inside the Nashville Farmers Market (open every day from 10AM-6PM). 

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February 06, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #3 - Chocalot Gift Batch

Everyone loves chocolate (seriously - everyone). Since we aim to make Valentine's Day shopping easy and painless for you, we've rounded up six Choco-tastic items from local small makers, boxed them up all pretty, and are ready to ship them out to your choco-holic Valentine. 

Gift Idea #3: Chocalot Gift Batch

Chocolate Nashville Gift Set | Nashville Valentine Gift

This batch has everything: Hot chocolate on a stick, cordials, chocolate-covered pecans, a chocolate bar, and peppermint bark. Did we miss anything? 

We didn't think so. 

As always, gift batches ship for free, so place your order today and we'll guarantee this will arrive by Valentine's Day (it's next week, people!). Plus, we'll include a hand-written note, making you appear way more thoughtful than you usually are.

Or, run into our retail store (open every day from 10AM - 6PM) and add even more chocolate awesomeness if you want.

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February 05, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #4 - Books About Nashville

Take a's in a book...reading Nashville! (Cue LeVar Burton.)

Nashville isn't just a great place to come eat, drink, ride a pedal tavern and take a selfie with a mural. It's also a great place to read about, no matter how old you are. That's why today's Valentine gift idea is all about Nashville books.

Gift Idea #4: Books About Nashville

Goodnight Nashville Book - Goodnight Ryman

Here are our four favorite Nashville-themed books that you can give to any Valentine in your life:

Whether it's looking and what makes Nashville so Nashville, learning how to cook Nashville, or sharing Nashville with the next generation, we've got books that have got you covered.

Nashville Behind the Curtain | Nashville Gift Book

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February 04, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #5 - Sugar & Spice Gift Batch

Some like it hot (like us). So, we've found the spiciest and sauciest Nashville items that will really help you heat things up with your Valentine. (Provided that they're into that sort of thing. And by "that sort of thing" we mean they're down with big numbers on the Scoville scale.)

Gift Idea #5: Sugar & Spice Gift Batch

Here it is - the lineup of the hottest things this side of the Cumberland:

Sugar and Spice | Nashville spicy gift batch

  • Olive and Sinclair Cinnamon Chili Chocolate Bar (2.75 oz.)
  • Delta Cheese Straws - Hot (6 oz.)
  • Music City Sauce - Sweet Heat (100ml)
  • Nashville Heat Sweet Smoke Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Coop's Hot Chicken Paste (8 oz.)

Need we say more? No? Ok.

As always, gift batches ship for free, or you can pick one up (and add even more hot things) at our retail store, open every day of the week inside the Nashville Farmers Market.

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February 03, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #6 - The Batch Nashville Subscription

Back in 2013 (remember those simpler times?), Batch began with one simple idea: ship 4 Nashville-made items to passionate subscribers once a month. Since those days of yore, we've complexified things a bit, adding a full blown e-commerce store, a brick-and-mortar store located inside the Nashville Farmers Market, and a corporate sales division. But we've never forgotten about our roots and the monthly Batch Nashville subscription is going strong.

Gift Idea #6: Monthly Batch Nashville Subscription

Batch Nashville subscription box

Each month, we select four Nashville-made items and send them out to subscribers all over the US. Each month is a surprise, but you can always count on discovering something new, receiving something that reflects Nashville's growing and diverse landscape of makers, and enjoying high-quality, hand-crafted items. 

Best of all, you can give a subscription to someone else, so they can experience 1, 3, or 9 months of Nashville love. In fact, the more you buy, the more you save. We'll include and handwritten note so they know who it's from, as well as how many boxes they can expect in the upcoming months. 

Grab one today; the next boxes ship the week of February 20. 

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February 02, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #7 - Nashville Coffee Craving Gift Batch

If you want to say "You look tired," without saying "You look tired, babe," then the best way to be honest while not sleeping on the couch would be to send out our coffee themed gift batch to that special someone who can't adult until they've had a swimming pool's worth of caffeine each morning.

Gift Idea #7: Nashville Coffee Craving Gift Batch

Packed with local coffee from our friends at Bongo Java, Frothy Monkey, Muletown, and Syp, we don't stop with just bags of beans. We also toss in some coffee additives like hazelnut syrup and honey sticks. And, for an added pick-me-up, we kick things up a notch with some Delta Cheese Straws.

Coffee Gift Batch - Nashville Coffee Gifts

All that AND it ships for free! (Or pick it up in our store, open every day of the week from 10AM-6PM in Nashville.)

Still stumped on what to get someone since you only met them last week when you swiped right? Browse our entire Valentine's collection, or see what you've missed so far in this blog series below.

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February 01, 2019

Nashville Valentine Gift Ideas: #8 - Bang Candy Company Cocoa Mix

Baby, it's cold outside. Like, everywhere. So, one way you and your boo can warm up is with this artisan cocoa mix from Bang Candy Company. Pair with their handmade marshmallows for a "love"ly gift that's nearly as sweet as your Valentine. 

Gift Idea #8: Bang Candy Company Cocoa Mix

Bang Candy Company Cocoa Mix - Nashville gifts

When they open this beautifully decorated tin on Valentine's morning, they'll be impressed with both your taste and the taste of this chocolatey delight. Made with only the best ingredients by Sarah Souther and her team at Bang, the only downside is that they'll wish you gave them more than one.

(Good news: you can take them to our retail store where they can buy more cocoa by the dozen. We're open every day from 10AM-6PM, located inside the Nashville Farmers Market.)

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