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Beardition Beard Shampoo

Formulated for the more sensitive areas on one's face, the aloe vera-based grooming products will help keep the skin below the beard hydrated and healthy, in turn leaving your beard happy. This all natural, plant oil infused product was created for a bearded man, by a bearded man.

• Made from all natural ingredients including Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Essential Oils
• Essence of Cucumber + Mint fragrance
• Recommended use when showering. Work up a small lather in facial hair and rinse out.
• Product can also be used to wash the hair on your head. It is formulated more for the sensitive areas on the face, but • also great for the top of the head. We just don't recommend using normal shampoos on your beard as many have alcohol or chemicals in them which will actually dry out the skin under your facial hair, leaving you with a rougher beard, and possibly even beardruff. 
• Being made of premium natural ingredients, do not store product in extreme heat or cold.
• American Made