Our small but mighty company

How we got here

The story of Batch is a story of connection.

Established in 2013 by three friends — Sam Davidson, Stephen Moseley and Rob Williams — who wanted to make it easier to discover and share the cool stuff made in Nashville, Batch launched with a single product: a monthly subscription box featuring items handmade in and around Nashville.

The idea quickly caught on and by that holiday season, Batch was selling dozens of items online and fulfilling corporate gift orders shipping nationwide, all supporting the hard work of small businesses and entrepreneurs deeply passionate about their craft.

In 2014, Batch opened its flagship store inside the Nashville Farmers Market (currently closed due to COVID-19) where it sells over 1,000 different items, including select regional finds from iconic Southern cities. You'll find an equally great selection in our online store, where you can search by gift type, price, or purveyor.

All of this has allowed Batch to sell more than 1 million locally made items to date, shipped to all 50 states (and several countries). During these past seven years Batch has been a vehicle for the most important connections and sentiments we have as humans: gratitude, congratulations, sympathy, celebration, belonging - all delivered with impeccable service using the hard work and finely crafted handiwork of hundreds of makers. (If you'd like to be part of our purveyor network, reach out to us here.)

And should you need a little extra help finding that perfect gift, drop us a line. We'd love to help you stay connected to those who matter most, whether it's one person or 1,000.

The folks who make it happen

At Batch, our entire team works hard to curate and deliver locally made, artisanal goods, from and all across the USA. We offer meaningful, specialized gifts featuring high-quality, handcrafted items from our growing network of purveyors. And: no robots. Each batch we ship is hand-packed (with a handwritten note if you like) by a real human being.

Here are a few faces of those human beings that make up our team:

Sam Davidson

Co-founder and CEO


Sam's passion for and experience as an entrepreneur span the last 14 years and four different companies. When not spending time at Batch or seeking out new local beers, he'll be with his family or at the pool all summer.

Favorite saying: "We can do that."

Rob Williams

Co-founder and CBO


Rob's eye for design and understanding of branding helps shape Batch's commitment to solid story-telling. Rob has been in Nashville for 20+ years and knows the best karaoke spots in town. He loves watching his daughter play soccer, trail running, and hanging in the backyard with his wife and dog.

Favorite saying: "Here's why we should do that (or not)."

Stephen Moseley

Co-founder and COO


Stephen's work with media and technology brands runs the gamut from nonprofits to app companies, and online video to consumer brand. When not handling all things digital for Batch, he's spending time on the trails, maybe with the family and doggy, or coaching / watching soccer.

Favorite saying: "That being said..."

Rhonda Ladner

National Sales Director


With more more than 30 years of business-to-business sales and marketing experience, Rhonda has worked with small and large companies to provide sales leadership and strategic insights resulting in increased revenue and margin. A native of New Orleans, she loves anything Mardi Gras related especially if it includes spending more time with her family. Read More

Favorite saying: "Tell me more."

Heather Ainsworth

Product Director


With a background in entrepreneurship, Heather knows the real work that it takes to make and scale a business, which is why she loves to help event clients find the perfect ways to say "Welcome!" "Thanks!" or "See Y'all Soon!" (Which are the same things she says to her family most evenings, cocktail in hand.) Read More

Favorite saying: "You would not believe..."

Erin Goode

National Sales Associate


Knowing that a gift is more than just stuff in a box, Erin puts thought and care into each client's order so the right feeling can accompany every gift you send. A native New Yorker, she thrives in our fast-paced setting and never complains when she gets to visit our HQ in Nashville.

Favorite saying: "Hey everyone..."

Chap Cuthbert

Operations Director


He's been everywhere, man. Having called several states "home", and badly missing the Iowa plains, Chap's keen eye for operational excellence goes hand in hand with his keen eye for his family, his bike, and the warehouse playlist. Which is why when Sam says, "We can do that" what he means is, "Chap can do that." Read More

Favorite saying: "Sure!"

Jean White

Assistant Operations Director


In the time that it took to read this caption, Jean White has responded to four emails, gift-wrapped seven boxes, and solved a Mindbender. Originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina, Jean has a hardworking spirit that constantly pushes and inspires everyone around her. She’s the reason that thing you just ordered is already on its way. Read More

Favorite saying: "You can’t spell 'Genius' without spelling 'Jean'."

RJ Thornton

Inventory & Accounts Payable Manager


Who’s that guy in the tie-dye giving you the eye when the boxes you’re holding fly? It’s RJ: Nashville drummer, avid chef, and encyclopedia of Reddit threads. RJ always has suggestions of ways to make Batch better, and does so just by being on the team. He brings the spirit and zest of a Grateful Dead cover band every day to work, and our inventory would be unmanageable without him. Read More

Favorite saying: "Glad you got to see me."

Zach Anderson

Customer Service Manager


Everyone's favorite "Zatch" lights up any room with his infectious smile and personality. With experience in many areas of customer service (and a lot of experience delivering the perfect scoop of Jeni's Icecream), Zach brings a "can do" attitude to every situation. Next time you see him, make sure you ask him about The Dreaded Laramie.

Favorite saying: "Y'know?"

Bri Nightingale

Customer Success & Project Manager


Not everyone loses sleep over the most minute of gift details, but Bri sure does, which is why we're glad she's on the case to make sure your gifts get out on time and to your exact liking. When she's not helping you corral addresses and other order details she's at a local brewery. As we usually wish we were.

Favorite saying: "I'll get on that..."

Brittany Dufaud

Gift Concierge


Brittany prides herself on the perfect gift. She'll "Goldilocks" your gift just like she found the right fit for herself in Nashville after growing up in Colorado. When not curating gifts for any occasion she's spending time with Laurence and friends enjoying her neighborhood. Read More

Favorite saying: "You guys!"


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